• Conforms to all relevant E.U. Directives CE
  • Up to 4 columns available
  • Fully automatic printing operation cannot overstamp / or calculating up to 50 employees
  • Can calculate “Daily Total Time” in 5th column (either “Regular Worktime” or “Overtime”)
  • 150 employee capacity (50 if calculating)
  • Prints standard minutes or 100ths hours
  • Easy installation for desk top or wall mounting
  • 5 years memory back-up

Fully automatic robust and reliable time recorders a modern replacement for your existing punch hole time clock.

Time cards used with this time recorder:
No. 16-1 Time Cards

View example time card report >>


  • Clear easy to read clocking details
  • Greater flexibility of style of clock card
  • No over stamping
  • Up to 8 clockings per day
  • Standard clockings in black, irregular clockings highlighted in red
  • Signal device to indicate On/Off shifts
  • Programmable automatic adjustment for Summer/Winter time change
  • 72-hour full power reserve
AMANO BX1500 Time Recorder
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MAX ER-1500 Time Recorder
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