Seiko TP20 Time recorder time stamp machine

Seiko TP20 Time & date stamp

The Seiko TP20 Time & date stamp, ideal for simple job costing within factories, garages, repair shops and service operators. Suitable for any environment where job costing is required.

Time cards used with this time recorder: 
S.1809 Time Cards

Time/Date & Numbering Printer (now replaced with Seiko TP50 – call us for details)

  • Perpetual calendar changes year, month and date automatically
  • Chooses left or right hand margins
  • Automatic adjustment for daylight saving time
  • Selectable printing options
  • Available as a used refurbished unit with 6 months warranty (for a new unit we can supply a Seiko TP50)
  • Please contact us for Refurbished TP20 availability
max-er-1500 time recorder

Max ER-1500 Time Recorder Clock

The Max ER-1500 is a compact and economical daily calculating Time Recorder clock suitable for a small workforce being strong, cost effective, ideal for an industrial environment; easy to use and operate straight from the box.


  • Up to 4 columns available
  • Automatic printing calculating up to 50 employees
  • Can calculate “Daily Total Time” in 5th column
  • Symbols “Late In/Early Out”
  • Prints Date, Hour & Minute
  • Easy installation for desk top or wall mounting
  • Automatic hour adjustment for Summer/Winter time change
  • 5 years memory back-up

Although this machine is no longer available we still supply Time cards that can be used with this time recorder:
TC-MAX Time Cards

Amano BX1500 Time recorder clock

Amano BX1500 Time recorder

The Amano BX1500 Time recorder is a robust, cost effective and efficient Time Recorder for the smaller company. The BX-1500 is both attractive and easy to use. Features:


  • Electronic time recorder with analogue display
  • Printing up to 6 columns to record normal and overtime work
  • Automatic clock card feed
  • Programmable automatic hour adjustment for Summer/Winter time change
  • Wall or table mounted

Need a starter pack with cards and a card rack included ? Amano BX1500 time recorder starter pack. Or our most popular choice is Time recorder starter pack

Time Recorder Starter Pack


The Time Recorder clock starter pack gives you all you need to get started recording your employees attendance.

  • Time attendance clock + Red print for lateness
  • Relay for external sounder/ bell
  • Fully set up (just plug in and start clocking)
  • 125 cards and 20 position rack included
  • Next working day delivery
  • Key and manual included
  • Auto card feed with 6 Print columns
  • Programmable Auto IN/OUT Lateness printed in RED
  • Battery backup for use during power failure.

Amano EX3500 Time Recorder

Time cards used with the  Amano EX3500 Time Recorder:
No.8 Time Cards

View example time card report >>


  • Electronic time recorder with analogue display
  • Printing up to 6 columns to record normal and overtime work
  • Automatic time card feed
  • Programmable in/out printing
  • Programmable automatic hour adjustment for Summer/Winter time change
  • Time Signal for bell ring facilities
  • Two colour printing
  • Wall or table mounted

Time recorder software for small business

Primetime web hosted online software with Fingerprint Attendance Unit  Absence bookings , Reports, unlimited support via built in live chat, is an ideal first Time Recorder software for small business.

£209 for Attendance terminal.

monthly fee of £12.50 for 25 employees cancel any time.

Time Recorder Starter Pack
Time recorder software for small business
Low Cost Clock Cards -£15.49 per 1,000
PrimeTime Time attendance system

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