Seiko QR-375 QR-395 Time Recorder

The Seiko QR-375 QR-395 is an ideal machine to calculate hours worked between the IN/OUT clocking on a daily or weekly basis, with special mark “!” printing for irregular clocking i.e. “Late In”

New QR395 unit = 100 employees capacity

Old QR375 unit = 50 employees capacity (refurbished units only ask us for availability)

Time cards used with this time recorder:
Seiko QR 375/395 Time Cards £7.40


  • Electronic calculating Time Recorder
  • Auto-feed and eject of clock cards
  • Capable to taking up to 100 employees
  • Calculates the elapsed time between In/Out
  • Large LCD display
  • Automatic hour adjustment for Summer/Winter time change
  • Special mark “!” for irregular printing
  • Printing In/Out as many time per day