Signal Unit 7 day Time Switch

Signal Unit 7 day Time Switch

The Signal Unit 7 day time switch is for use with a mini siren or Klaxon will provide a pulsed output and an audible sound to announce shift changes; break times, start/finish and even school class change over.

Up to 200 output times can be set over a 7 day period. All programming carried out through the keypad.


  • 200 output times over 7 day period
  • Multi pulse/single pulse
  • Key protection for changing programmes
  • Battery back-up

Late back after break times or lunch periods? (Check our minute chart – just a few minutes by one or two employees mounts up over a week, month or year – save time & money) the 7 day Signal Unit and siren could end your problems.

The time-switch is programmed to your times and a bell rings to indicate ‘Start’ of tea/coffee/lunch break and again to indicate ‘End’ of break and ‘End’ of day.