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BTRS Ltd was established in 1973 in the heart of the manufacturing and industrial area of Birmingham.

We offer clock cards, time cards, time recorders and accessories from the leading manufacturers in Time and Attendance Management. You can easily order clock cards online via our website shop, Shop here.

We provide a personal service for time recorders including:

  • Sales & Repairs or Maintenance of systems

Time Recorder Services

Sales & Service of Time Recorders, Time & Attendance Systems, clock cards, time cards and clock card racks. Supporting business, maintaining machines and saving Time & Money.

BTRS Clock Card Online Shop

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Personal Service Guaranteed

Birmingham Time Recorder Services Ltd, leading suppliers of time recorders, clock cards, time cards, racks & ribbons throughout the West Midlands and the UK. Sales & service of small electronic to Intelligent and PC linked machines. Order time recorders and clock cards online via our shop. Our personal service is guaranteed. We stock a large range of time recorders & clock cards.

Time Recorders

Time Recorders & Time Clocks for Time & Attendance of regular, overtime and flex-time hours worked. Fully automatic and basic time recorders, two colour time card printing for recording and highlighting lateness; signal device for break times.

Intelligent stand alone Time Recorders

Intelligent stand alone Time Recorders, calculating time worked between In-Out; recording accumulated times & daily total hours worked.

Primetime Time & Attendance software solution for small and medium sized companies.

Cogard Watchman's Patrol Clocks, accurately record when, where and who has checked the security of your premises.

Large Wall Clocks & Clocks With Signals
Full range of large wall and master clocks and clocks with signal units for sounders and bells for breaks and shift changes.

Special clock cards in various colours, job cards and swipe cards. Full range of Time Card and Badge racks.

Clock Cards Online

We stock a large range of time cards & clock cards online ranging in price and time recorder suitability.

In our online clock cards shop prices start from £15.49 per 1000(plus carriage + VAT).

Time Recorder Accessories

We stock ribbons, ribbon cassettes for Amano Time Recorders, Isgus Time Recorders, Max Time Recorders and Seiko range of Time & Date Recorders in our online clock cards shop - enter to order time recorder machines as well as clock card racks.

Time Recorder Starter Pack
Fingerprint Time Clock+Free software for small business £195
Low Cost Clock Cards -£15.49 per 1,000
PrimeTime Time attendance system

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Calculating Time Recorders
Time Management Systems
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Time Recorder Services
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