Time Recorder Services

Time Recorder Services

BTRS were established in 1973 and offer a range of time recorder services, which include:

Time Recorder Repair

We are still able to support and repair many Time Recorders that are no longer produced, for example the reliable and robust Amano 6800/6900.

Birmingham Time Recorder Services have many replacement parts and are still able to support and repair many time recorders that are no longer produced. For example the reliable and robust Amano 6800/6900 time recorder.

Time Recorder machines can be serviced and repaired by our experienced engineers, keeping them in good working order.

Time Recorder Parts

Replacement time recorder parts.

Birmingham Time Recorder Services also stock replacement ribbons, tapes and ribbon cassettes for all the leading makes of time recorder.

Ribbon Cassettes for:

  • Amano BX1500, EX3500 & Major CP-3200
  • MAX ER-1500A & ER-1500A
  • & -8500
  • Seiko Precision TP-20 & Seiko QR-375
  • and many many more…….

Time Recorder Clock Cards

We stock large quantities of high quality clock cards & time cards, including:
No. 8, B2, No. 16.1, s.1809, No. 32, 106532, H/W, 106000, Max, Dam & Seiko clock cards.

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for full details about our time recorder services.

Time Recorder Starter Pack
Fingerprint Time Clock+Free software for small business £195
Low Cost Clock Cards -£15.49 per 1,000
PrimeTime Time attendance system

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