Terms & Conditions

All products sold on this site are subject to the following terms.

  • We give a full years return to base warranty from date of order. This includes parts and labour but not consumables such as print ribbons.
  • We Warrant our hardware against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of original purchase from BTRS or 6 months for ex-demonstration or ex-rental units.
  • This warranty will become void when service performed by anyone other than an approved BTRS service dealer results in damage to the product.
  • This warranty does not apply to any product that has been subject to abuse, neglect or accident, or which has had a serial number altered or removed, or which has been connected, installed, adjusted, or repaired other than in accordance with instructions furnished by BTRS.
  • This warranty does not cover labour cost for removing and reinstalling the machine for repair, or any expendable parts that are readily replaced due to normal use.
  • The sole responsibility of BTRS under this warranty shall be limited to repair of this product, or replacement thereof, at the sole discretion of BTRS.
  • If it becomes necessary to send the product or any defective part to BTRS the product must be shipped in its original carton or equivalent, fully insured with shipping charges prepaid. BTRS will not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage incurred in shipping.
  • All equipment and supplies purchased from BTRS and returned for refund will be subject to a thirty percent handling charge. This charge will increase if all goods are not returned in their original condition in original packaging. Any product must be shipped in its original carton, fully insured with shipping charges prepaid. BTRS will not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage incurred in shipping.
  • Warranty disclaimer and limitation of liability: Except only the limited express warranty set forth above, the products are sold with no expressed or implied warranties of any kind, and the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are hereby expressly disclaimed. No warranties are given with respect to products purchased other than from BTRS and any such products are purchased “as is, with all faults.” in no event will BTRS be liable for any direct, indirect, special incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the delivery, use or inability to use, or performance of this product. In the event of any limited remedy given herein shall be deemed to have failed of its essential purpose, BTRS maximum liability shall be to refund the purchase price upon return of the product.
  • Proof of date of purchase from BTRS is required for warranty service on this product.
  • All Fingerprint terminals / readers are sold on the following understandings. Fingerprint terminals / readers are recommended for shift queues no longer than 25 staff. If more staff are going to clock out at the same time an additional terminal is recommended . Also current fingerprint technology cannot read 100% of fingerprints for this reason a pin entry option is available as an alternative registration meathod.
  • All software only product sales are final with no refund available once the package has been opened.
  • All upgrade code sales are final with no refund available.

All clocks will normally be set to weekly period and a Monday start daylight saving times will normally be set, this means that the clock will be ready for basic use any further set-up is the customer’s responsibility with the aid of the instruction manual provided.